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No Hire Charge for 2018?

Some of you will have been directed here via social media or you will just have stumbled across us, maybe you have come to find out more about why we aren't charging a hire fee for our 2018 events?

We are reasonably new to this industry. Although most of the team have worked in the hospitality industry for a long, long time, we are still new to having The Pour Horse on the road, travelling to and from events. We want to build networks, contacts and build up trust within the industry. And we figured this could be the way to do that.

Mobile Bar Shrewsbury
The Pour Horse

We also hoped along the way we would build a library of testimonials and an interesting gallery of photos and videos to share with future customers! We are full of ideas we want to work on this year so hopefully you will start to see some exciting things happen over here over the course of the year! We have some great events in the diary already; vintage weddings in Shropshire, school fetes, christenings, birthday parties, festival weddings, festivals...

So with the free hire charge will come a refundable deposit. We are still a business and have to be able to secure our dates in the diary, without losing other potential business. But with a VERY realistic sales target (So we don't have to send our staff home penniless, don't worry we wouldn't actually do that!) to hit and you get your full deposit back that day. It really is to just cover us getting to the event, in case of cancellation etc. It isn't a money making deposit. If you want to know any more information about this then please do ask, we are very friendly!

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