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Special offers for remaining 2024 dates!

Let us take the stress out of your day with some fnatstic packages that allow us to handle more than 1 element of your day. Less suppliers, less contacts, less contracts, less hassle!

We have some fantastic packages on offer until the 14th feb for these dates in 2024:

23rd- 24th Feb

March dates (except 15th, 16th, 29th & 30th)

5th-6th April

24th- 27th April

1st- 16th May

20th- 26th Sept

2nd - 10th Oct

17th- 31st Oct

Please get in touch for further details! Our usual pricing and quoting still applies, clients are not tied to only packages  Also does not apply to existing bookings, remaining dates for 2024 only.

Please note there may be towing charges applicable dependent on location.

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