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Back to the incredible Pimhill Barn, Shropshire

It is no surprise that we get to feature the incredible Pimhill Barn once again over on this blog. We are still frequent visitors to this local venue and couldn't be more pleased about it if we tried!

Pimhill Barn is nothing short of incredible. we see a LOT of venues and honestly, this one has everything you need. Not only as a client but also a supplier. The set up is brilliant and allows for a really efficient and effective service.

We love nothing more than to provide mobile bar hire at Pimhill Barn, especially in the warmer months!

Horsebox bar on the courtyard of Pimhill Shrewsbury
Beautiful wedding at Pimhill for C&L, Catherine Evans Photography 2023

The courtyard at the front of the barn makes the perfect spot for a horsebox bar and allows you to have more space within the barn for seating your guests.

We have also had indoor bar options at the barn in the colder months (see previous blog posts) but the outside area is so good, it's great to make the most of it!

Our horsebox bar in situ at Pimhill Barn
Our horsebox bar in situ at Pimhill Barn, Captured by us!

Courtyard at Pimhill barn with mobile bar in situ with guests alfresco dining, Shropshire
Captured by Jack Valentine Photography, 2023

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