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Whitton Hall Styled Shoot

Back early on in the summer we have the delightful opportunity to take part in a styled shoot arranged by Birgitta Zoutman Photography at Whitton Hall with some fantastic creatives.

The venue itself is absolutely stunning. It is situated in rural Shropshire and is a fine example of Georgian architecture. It really is a unique location to host your celebration. A perfect Shropshire Wedding venue.

It was such a beautiful day and we managed to capture (Or I should say Birgitta did!!) our canapé cones perfectly. The canapé bamboo cones are the perfect option for a Covid Safe, relaxed celebration. Moving away from the traditional style canapés which isn't for everyone!

The cones can be adapted for almost all themes and tastes. Our standard option contains a selection of bread/crackers, cheeses, pickles and cured meats but these can easily be made vegan for example.

Canapes service in Shropshire, canape cones, covid safe canapes, wedding catering, sustainable catering
Canapes service in Shropshire

Wedding Stationary for Canape Cones, Wedding Catering
Canape Cones for a Wedding

Cones & Stand: The Grazing Brew box

Venue: Whitton Hall

Photographer: Birgitta

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